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DANNY COLOMBY has been composing soundtracks for television, film, and multimedia for over 30 years. Danny's soundtracks have garnered two ITVA Gold Medal Awards, and a GEMINI Nomination, as well as a handful of other genre specific media awards. Well versed in a wide array of current music styles and genres, Danny has scored everything from comedy and documentary to drama and horror. Danny has enjoyed a career as a composer, arranger, producer, and studio session bassist, as well as holding tenure on faculty at both Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto  and Canadore College in North Bay. Danny resides near North Bay Ontario where he draws on the resources and partnerships of other gifted talents including multi-instrumentalist/song writer Peter Cliche and fellow composer/sound designer/music editor Ben Leggett

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"One of the greatest joys in life for me is that of engaging in a creative project, solving challenges I've not met before.  As artists, we draw on our own unique colour palettes to paint a picture and, thankfully, there is never just one right way to do that. Creativity is blending collective experience with a hunger for the unknown.  As famous composer Aaron Copeland once suggested, the only way to move forward into the unknown is "to leave one's ego and self judgement outside the room." Visual media lends itself well to this process as we, the composer, can become what we see on screen, leaving our 'other' self outside until such time as its opinion is invited.

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Film score creation is a team sport. I thoroughly enjoy working within a team or group to reach a given goal. BEN LEGGETT, (above), is an invaluable asset to my process as a music editor, engineer, sound designer, and partner in crime where soundtracks are involved. It's also good to have his valued second opinion when needed! A film or television production excels when all participants are allowed to shine while still maintaining respect and regard for one another. Trusted team players like Ben and Peter Cliche (aforementioned) are not easy to come by in my world. When you find them, you hold onto them!

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A composer must become one with his gear. With all the tools and instruments I have at my disposal, it's easy to become overwhelmed with possibilities. It's for this reason that every project requires a block of time to develop a palette of sounds and textures. The choices are informed by the director's or producer's comments and vision ahead of time. It also takes discipline and a good deal of organization to manage your options so you can find them again in a pinch.

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My job isn't finished with the last written note. I'll go where ever I'm needed to insure the music stems translate properly at their final destination. It's important to remain open to the delivery spec of any mix facility downstream. I want to help make their job as easy and enjoyable as possible. The spirit of cooperation can make all the difference to the final soundtrack.



1988 ~ 2000

Canadian Sportfishing Series     TSN series

Great Outdoorsman       TSN series

Golf The World      TSN series

Uncut Gem        Indie Feature Film

It Is Written              CTV National series

Esta Escrito          Portuguese Brazil series

Lost Innocence           CBC Docu-Drama (ITVA Gold Medal Award)

The Quiet Hour       Redlands California TV series

Raceline      CFTO/TSN series (Cdn Racing Media Award)

Gone Fishing       TVO series

Get Active           CTV series

Monsters of the Deep      Chicago Multi-Media Virtual Theatre

Blue Sapphire    Peter Van Rhijn Large Format Photographic Production

Canada's Best Businesses          BC TV series

Backyard Pleasures           HGTV series

Powerboating           TSN series

The Trent Diaries        Pyman Prod.  3 part TV special 

Knights of the Road        CTV TV special

2004 ~2023

Survivorman seasons 1,2  & 3    Discovery Channel U.S. Intl. Series (Gemini Nomination)

Off The Beaten Palette      U.S. TV Series

It Is Written Canada        CTV National series

My Roommate's An Escort        Web  Comedy Series

Peace on Earth       ABC Christmas Special

UnSettled       APTN Series

Flee The Light        Indie Feature Film (Best Soundtrack-Hamilton Film Festival) 

Discovery Mountain       Weekly youth radio drama U.S.

Purgatory Jack    Indie  Feature Film

Armchair Traveller  Indie Feature Film

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